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Nov 20, 2018

BASF Innofil3D has successfully organised first partner training

Froukje Veenema-Derks

written by Froukje Veenema-Derks

At their stunning new office in Emmen, the Netherlands (same building, different floor), BASF Innofil3D organised their first partner training recently. This in-depth material training has proven to be very valuable for the participating partners.

First partner training has been organised by BASF Innofil3D

An intensive 2-day material training has been developed by BASF Innofil3D for their partners. The participants had comprehensive sessions about the journey from polymer molecules to 3D printed end-applications and all that is in between. Main goal of this training was the sharing of knowledge about our Innofil3D and Ultrafuse filaments. As a result, our partners can now offer material solutions to industries who print FDM parts.

The feedback has been very positive. The participants stated that they herewith have the right tools and knowledge to give funded advice when it comes to customers applications. Consequently Innofil3D can say that it was a successful training,  as it also fully supports the BASF Innofil3D objective to be truly supportive to the partners.

As you may understand, this training will be repeated and continued in the future. Do you want to know more about this? Please send an email to

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