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May 31, 2018

Cura 3D Printing Profiles for Ultimaker 3D Printers available


written by Hendrie Feringa

NEW : Cura 3D printing profiles for all Innofil3D filaments on Ultimaker 3D printers available!

Do you want to use an Innofil3D filament on a Ultimaker printer? Go the easy way! Please look no further and download the Cura 3D printing profiles for Ultimaker printers, now available on our website.

Download them all at once, or just pick out the profile(s) you need. Please also find tips and tricks regarding the print profiles on the 3D print profiles page.

Behind the scenes, Innofil3D is also working on Cura print profiles for other printer brands. At the same time print profiles for other slicer programs will made available once finalized. We will give an update in our Blog & News section when new profiles are released, so you won’t miss a thing.

Check the 3D Printing Profiles here

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