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Customized Filaments?

If you require a customized FFF filament for specific applications, an OEM filament or filament under private label, we are able to manufacture this.

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Development and toll manufacturing

We rely on 25 years of experience in polymer development and filament extrusion. We are integrated in a worldwide network of renowned raw material suppliers, compounders, research institutes and additives manufacturers.

Our team of creative and experienced PhD polymer chemists and 3D print specialists are competent partners. Development takes place in our own laboratories and pilot plant facilities including testing of printing behavior on selected 3D printers.

If you have your own raw material which needs to be extruded into a filament, we can do this. Toll manufacturing is possible from 50 kg material up to tons if required in our production facility.

Upscaling of newly developed filaments takes place in 3 comprehensive steps:

  1. laboratory level (3 kg raw material)
  2. pilot production (30 kg material)
  3. commercial production.

New filaments are extensively tested before introduction so you can be sure it will meet your expectations.

All relevant technical and safety data is available for all our products.
Our commitment to material science has made us the first filament manufacturer to release transparent standardized material data for 3D-printed parts according to ISO 178, ISO 179 and ISO 527.

Our drive: the perfect filament for your 3D printing application.

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