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Oct 01, 2019

Design rules for 3D printing revealed – Ryan tells you all about it!

Froukje Veenema-Derks

written by Froukje Veenema-Derks

Check out our second video tutorial on design rules for 3D printing!

Video release - New tutorial about design rules for 3D printing is out now

Did you also experience some difficulties when creating your first designs for 3D printing? I believe that most of us did!  For someone new to 3D printing, it may seem that you could 3D print almost every shape and everything with ease. But after a while, it turns out to be a bit more challenging than expected. Therefore,  Ryan will talk you through some design principals of FFF 3D printing. You can better keep these design tips in mind in order to get the best results from your prints.

Please check out the video below or click the following link: Youtube video on design rules for 3D printing

With our video tutorials, we would like to help you to print with even better results and with fewer failures. You can expect more tutorial videos from us in the coming months. Do you have a suggestion on the topic? Please send us a little email with your suggestion by clicking here.


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