Jul 01, 2016

3D Printed Ducati 1199


Hendrie Feringa

An amazing 3D Printed Ducati 1199 - printed by Peter Hansen

Made by Peter Hansen - Denmark

Peter Hansen from Denmark – who did already show us an amazing T-Rex – did send us this amazing 3D Printed Ducati 1199.

The details;

Print time: aprox 30 hours
Printer: Ultimaker 2 with mods
– InnoFil Gold 2.85mm PLA
– InnoFil Black 2,85mm PLA
– Fillamentum Flex 2.85mm (tires)
– Ultimaker Silver 2.85mm PLA

Layer hight:
– 0.2mm
– 0.04mm
– 0.1mm
– 0.08mm

Infil : 15-20%

It’s a Ducati 1199 from https://www.youmagine.com/designs/ducati-1199-superbike-complex (via redicubricks.com)

.3D Printed Ducati 1199.

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