Oct 10, 2017

Crutch Handle by Project March


Hendrie Feringa

Innofil3D provided Project MARCH with choice of all the filament they have in stock in order to design, produce and iterate the products within the project.

by Project March

Crutch Handle


About Project MARCH

Project MARCH is a non-profit organization which has the goal to design and build an exoskeleton for people with a spinal cord injury. The exoskeleton is built by students from the Delft University of Technology. These highly motivated students who contribute to Project MARCH do this entirely voluntarily. The Delft University of Technology provides them with a workspace located in the ‘Dreamhall’.

Please check the following post to read about the making of the Crutch Handle;  PROJECT MARCH – MAKING OF THE CRUTCH HANDLE

The website of Project March; One Goal, March

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