Jan 06, 2017

PRO1 Filament Calibration Test – some nice details


Hendrie Feringa

Check this result of a PRO1 Filament Calibration Test by Hawk 3D Proto.

by Hawk 3D Proto

Filament Calibration Test

We did receive this real nice 3D Printing result of our PRO1 filament – made on a Raise 3D N2 Plus by Hawk 3D Proto – one of our PRO1 resellers in the UK!

0.2 layer height

8 hours and 30 minutes print time

Scaled up from the original file size

Innofil3D Pro1 Natural White

This and more nice prints on our Make Anything section!

Do you want to show your Innofil3d Make Anything creation? Send us the details, so we can post it!


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