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Overview of

Metal filaments - technical data

Ultrafuse 316L

Ultrafuse 316L is a brand new filament made of innovative metal-polymer composite. It is perfect for easy and cost-effective 3D printing of metal parts. The filament is for the production of metal components in stainless steel type 316L using standard FFF printer systems followed by an industry-standard debinding and sintering process.

Ultrafuse 316L has a non-slip surface allowing its application in any Bowden or direct drive extruder. Its high flexibility allows it to be
funneled through complex idler pulleys as well as many guide roller filament transportation systems in printers.

Data Sheets of Ultrafuse 316L:

Ultrafuse 316L Technical Data Sheet
Ultrafuse 316L Material Safety Data Sheet
Ultrafuse 316L Spec Sheet
Ultrafuse 316L Onepager

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