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Ultrafuse 316L

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Designed for ultimate ease of handling on conventional Fused Filament Fabrication 3D printers. Ultrafuse 316L is an innovative filament for the production of 316L-grade steel parts.

Ultrafuse 316L combines greater freedom of design with a low total cost of ownership. 3D-printed parts acquire their final properties, for example in terms of hardness and strength, through a debinding and sintering process developed by BASF, which has emerged as the industry standard. As a filament, Ultrafuse 316 L is 80% stainless steel and has a 20% polymer content which allows for easy printing on many open FFF desktop printers.


In a 3 step process of FFF printing, debinding and sintering you will create a full metal part.

In a 3 step process of FFF printing, debinding and sintering you will create a full metal part.


Examples of applications using Ultrafuse 316L:

– Tooling
– Jigs and fixtures
– Series production
– Functional parts and prototypes

Ultrafuse 326L metal filament with application

Ultrafuse 316L is cost-effective because:

– Our filament works with any open FFF printer, which means low investment cost in hardware
– We make use of a highly efficient and established post-processing technology used in the Metal Injection     Moulding (MIM) industry
– As this is a filament, material handling is much safer and very easy. This allows an easy material exchange in     comparison to handling with fine metal powders


Ultrafuse 316L metal filament with examples of prints


Advantages Ultrafuse 316L:

– It is in general 1.4 to 2 times cheaper than most metal powders, with less investment in hardware

– There is a significant cost advantage for small and medium-sized components

– The overall manufacturing costs decrease significantly with increasing the lot size

– With additive manufacturing, you can create full stainless steel parts with a high degree of complexity

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Ultrafuse 316L materials

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