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We have two different Ultrafuse TPU’s available; Ultrafuse TPU 80A LF, a TPU filament that works in Bowden extruders. It can be printed on many open platforms and works for both Bowden and direct-drive extruders. And second, Ultrafuse TPU 85A, the first BASF filament that has been developed with  Elastollan®.

Please check the TDS (Technical Data Sheet) here:

TDS Ultrafuse TPU80A LF

TDS Ultrafuse TPU85A

Please check the Onepagers here:

Onepager Ultrafuse TPU 80A LF

Onepager Ultrafuse TPU 85A

Please click here for the MSDS:

MSDS Ultrafuse TPU 80A LF

MSDS Ultrafuse TPU 85A