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Ultrafuse® PET – Orange – 2.85mm – 750g

Ultrafuse® PET  (previously Innofil3D EPR InnoPET, different name, same high-quality product!) prints as easy as PLA but is much stronger. Available in 9 RAL colours and diameters 1,75 mm and

Product details

  • Product Code Pet-0319b075
  • Product Product EPR InnoPET- Orange - 2.85mm - 750gr
  • Product Colour Orange
  • Product RAL 2008
  • Product Diameter 2.85mm
  • Product Weight 750gr

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Ultrafuse® PET  (previously Innofil3D EPR InnoPET, different name, same high-quality product!)is made from a premium, food approved PET (Polyethylene terephthalate).

PET is widely used to produce food and beverage containers and bottles.
This high-quality filament will give you outstanding printing results: good layer adhesion, high resolution and easy to handle.

It has a natural transparent, smooth look. Ultrafuse PET can be 100% recycled.


We select the best raw materials available from renowned suppliers.

Dedicated people, highest standards.

Production on our state-of-the-art computer-controlled machinery guarantees a truly consistent filament, also between colors and batches.
It will perform as expected, every time.

All our products are 100% traceable to the source.

Tips & tricks

To make the best prints with Ultrafuse PET, we use the following settings on an Ultimaker and Wanhao Duplicator;

  • Temperature at 210 degrees
  • Heated bed at 75 degrees
  • Speed between 30 and 70mm
  • Ready with printing? The heated bed should cool down and you just can take the print off of your bed

3D Printing Profiles

Ultrafuse PET – Ultimaker 3D Printers – all colors

All other files are available on the 3D Printing Profiles Page.

Importing the Ultrafuse material profiles into the Cura Material Manager will make our materials available to select in Cura directly. This makes it easy to start printing with our materials on Ultimaker printers and will make sure you are using the right settings for your print.

To import the material profile in the Cura interface go to
Settings > Materials > Manage Materials… Next, press the Import button and select the downloaded profile you want to import.

Please note, We see this profile as a general-purpose profile.
For additional print settings, we advise checking our technical datasheets.
If you need more information or support, feel free to contact us at

For now, all Ultrafuse Cura profiles for the Ultimaker printers are covered and this list will continuously be updated.
Behind the scenes, we are also working on Cura print profiles for other printer brands.
At the same time, print profiles for other slicer programs will be made available once finalized.
We will give an update in our Blog & News section when new profiles are released, so you won’t miss a thing.


Technical & Mechanical data sheet