Feb 06, 2019

Today is the Day – official Launch of the new BASF Innofil3D brand style!

Froukje Veenema-Derks

written by Froukje Veenema-Derks

When you are subscribed to our mailing list, you maybe remember the November edition. In that email we gave you a small update about the new BASFS Innofil3D brand style. Today everything is ready and we want to officially launch it, hurray!!

Its official - new BASF Innofil3D brand style!

We are happy to announce that our new brand style is official. You have probably noticed that this website is also updated to the new style. What do you think about it?

Next to the Innofil3D filaments, we now also produce and sell high-end filaments under the new Ultrafuse brand name. These filaments can be found on our updated Innofil3D website. At the moment you can find 2 Ultrafuse filaments there: Ultrafuse PA and Ultrafuse TPU 85A. But we do not sit still and during 2019 the Ultrafuse portfolio will be expanded with new innovative filaments.

As our Innofil3D and Ultrafuse portfolio is rather broad at the moment, we have created a comparison sheet, so you can see the filaments with their specific properties altogether and compare. This helps you to choose the right filament for your application. Click here for the PDF.

Second Partner Training will take place 12 -13 February

Next to all the new branding thrills, we also have some other news. As the last Partner Training in Q4 of last year was such a success, we immediately planned in a next edition. Coming Tuesday and Wednesday this second Partner Training will take place and we trust that this edition will be as fruitful as the last one!

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